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Ambitious Furmey Friends: L’52’s Sabina Szymura

This week we were lucky enough to talk to a true powerhouse in the world of communications. Born in Poland but now taking the British capital by storm, working with brands such as Khaite and Loro Piana. With her pandemic fur baby Roo, short for Roulot (the fanciest dog name we have encountered thus far), we welcome Sabina Szymura.

Q: We are so happy to introduce you to our readers, please tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m Polish and lived there until I was 16, I grew up in the countryside with black and white Collie and many cats!

Q: So that’s where the love for dogs comes from! We think L52 is such a cool communications agency, you do a wide variety of things. Can you explain to us a little more about what you do?

A: Thank you! We’re working with brands such as Loro Piana, Khaite, Bally, Cabana Magazine, and many others to ensure that the brands are well represented in press, across VIP and influencers and support them on events and seasonal presentation / shows. In brief…

Q: A wide variety of things! What would you say you like most about what you do?

A: I love that I get to meet lots of interesting people and no day is the same or boring.

A: Fashion and Roulot!

Q: Yes, you have such a lovely family! And we adore Roulot. Can you tell a little more about him?

A: He’s a pandemic baby from Wales. His dad was black toy poodle and his mum a toy, and we got him just when he turned 8 weeks old. He’s extremely clever and energetic, he likes to think he’s the fastest smallest dog at the local dog park and he loves his bed.

Q: We can relate! A Day to day – what does a typical day look like for you?

A: Roo and I get waken up by an alarm clock just after 7am, I have coffee and shower and Roo goes back to bed. He wakes up again for breakfast and we go for a morning walk and to the dog park. He goes to the office with me or my husband Tom and sleeps or cuddles for most of the day. He hates the evening brush and runs off to his bed around 8pm.

Q: Sounds lovely, how would you describe Roulot in 3 words?

A: Cute, playful, loving.

Q: We can tell you are so fund of him! How did you and your husband find Roulot? Did you always know that you wanted to go for this breed?

A: We found him through a breeder in Wales. Our friend got a toy poodle that we’ve looked after from time to time, and we were hooked. He is a perfect size for our London flat and loves cuddles, what’s more to want.

Q: Could not agree more. What about his name, Roulot? We never heard it before!

A: Roulot is called after my husband’s favourite French winemaker Jean-Marc Roulot.

Q: Fancy! As you mentioned, Roulot comes to the office with either you or Tom! How does this work out?

A: Between my husband and I we work at home 2 days a week, then he comes to office with my husband on Tuesday and Thursday, and with me on Wednesday. He is loved at both offices and is never short of attention.

Q: Great, we’re always sharing ‘Furmey Tips’ – Do you have any tips for people who like to take their dog to the office?

A: Make sure to bring extra treats for the afternoon when he gets bored. And bring water when you’re traveling on public transport.

Q: Smart! Do you have any tips for those looking for or already owning a poodle?

A: Don’t be out-smarted….

Q: Good one! You live in London, what are the best places to come with Roulot and what is Roulot’s favorite place to go?

A: London isn’t as dog friendly as I would wish but we do have a few favourite spots. The Pelican pub in Notting Hill and Maison Francois in Mayfair are great for drinks or meals with dogs. He loves Holland Park and a small dog park at the bottom of Portobello Road.

Q: Good to know! Do you perhaps have some Furmey Facts up your sleeve? Perhaps about Roulot’s breed?

A: Don’t cut their hair before they turn 6 months, or you can spoil their coat!

Q: That sure is an important one. On another note, what is the best advice you have ever received, or do you have good advice that others can benefit from?

A: Don’t give up too easily and be patient.

Q: Great advise! Furmey Tales – Could you tell us about a fun situation that Roulot got you into?

A: He loves to bite other dog’s tales which does not always ends well.

Q: We are picturing this right now! Finally, we think Roulot looks so cute in Furmey! What is your favourite Furmey colour?

A: Blue for a dry and sunny day and grey to tear it up the park.

F: Was great talking to you Sabina! Thankyou!