My puppy is teething, what to do?

My puppy is teething, what to do?

Dogs have great teeth, they are naturally born with 28 puppy teeth. Dogs usually start teething / the eruption of adult teeth, between 3 and 7 months. Most of the time, after the 7th month, your puppy will have its' full adult teeth.

You will recognize the process with your puppy when he or she starts more chewing. This process might give you, their pet families, some frustration, but know this process will only last around 4 months and your puppy will (hopefully) join you for a long life :)! We would say, it's part of the bonding between the two of you.


Wondering where the puppy teeth go? Puppies often just spit them out, if in any case they will swallow them: no worries, your puppies digestion will get rid of them. However, if you are like most dog owners, you would want to catch one of these sharp white gems to collect.

Adult dogs usually end up with around 42 teeth in total.

To prevent your house and properties against this high level of puppy chewing, we recommend to give your puppy some puppy chewing toys. Chewing toys will allow your dog to play around the house, without destroying it. A good toy eventually also prevents your dog from boredome, but most of all: it relieves the pain your puppy has to endure during this period. 

We have developed a chewing stick, that is the perfect toy to play fetch with with your dog, but as well to prevent plaque and to keep them off your properties! Find our more here about our Zoomies dog toys.

Please note, that dogs, like humans gain plaque on their teeth if not properly cared for, next to a good chewing toy with ridges, we would recommend to use a dog tooth paste and brush their teeth every day. We have listed our top 5 favorite teeth products and extra information for a bright puppy smile:

1. A silicon finger brush, easy and quick to brush your dogs teeth:

2. Trixie dental care, comes with brush and finger brush + tooth paste:

3. If your dog hates tooth brushing, try these dental brush sticks from Whimzees:

4. The Furmey Zoomies chewing toy, made of 100% natural rubber and a ridged upper to prevent plaque and chewing:

5. And here we added a link to find more ways to brush your dog's teeth:

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