Furmey tales: The bearded lady and her groomer

Furmey tales: The bearded lady and her groomer

This week we are honoured to welcome Ada the griffon and her talented mom Aoife. Moreover, we are delighted to share the latest scoop with our Furmey Family; Our new colour drop! Ada did us the honour of modelling some of the new colours including the gorgeous Cheshire lilac in the picture.

Q: We know you of course, but for our readers, we were so kind to gather some information.

This week we're taking you to London where our fabulous friend Ada lives with her mom Aoife...

Name: Ada The Griffon
Age: 2 years glam old 
Gender: female 
Breed: Griffon Bruxellois 
Origin: London bitch
Guilty pleasure: my toy squirrellie 

If I’d be human'd be…
Profession: I would be Victoria's Secret model
Celeb: Kate moss of the griffon world 

Q: And not to forget, her mom...

Associate/the other half:

Name: Aoife

Age: 32 

Company/profession: Dog Grooming tutor and pet stylist 

Q: Welcome, how are you both?

A: We are very well thank you for asking, hope you guys are too. 

Q: We are doing well, happy to speak to you. To start, we would like to start at the beginning. When did you know that you wanted a fur baby? Is Ada your first fur baby? 

A: I always had dogs in my life growing up at home in Ireland  but I always wanted my own dog when the time was right in my life to own my own doggo. So I suppose Ada would be my first grown-up dog that was my full responsibility. We wanted an extra small dog who would fit in perfectly with our London life. 

Q: We see, how did the process of finding Ada go? How and why did you choose this breed?

A: I always knew of the breed - griffons. But one year my partner and I went to Crufts a big dog show in the UK! As we were walking around looking at all the gorgeous toy breeds we heard this weird bark noise and spotted the griffons in the ring and fell in love! Ever since we are hooked. 

Q: Any advice you wish to share with people who are looking for their furry friend? 

A: My advice would be to research the breed to know more if the breed would suit you. The big thing is researching the right breeder. Kennel Club is a great place to start! 

Q: Tell us a little about her name, we believe it suits her so well. What does it mean? Also, does she have any nicknames?

A: Well it’s a bit of a funny one! We always loved the name, Ada. And we are big peaky blinder fans also. I suppose she was named after the gorgeous Ada Shelby from peaky blinders. I think it suits her very well. 

Q: We sure do love some peaky blinders ourselves! Also, does she have any nicknames?

A: She has a few nicknames- Ada wayda is one the girls at work call her. We call her the little puppy also. 

Q: So cute! We love Ada’s feed, her captions are hilarious and so cheeky! How did you decide on her ‘voice’ and personality online?

A: Thank you! Ada is very cheeky and sassy. She types the captions herself she’s very sassy and clever ha ha. 

Q: She sure is! How, would you explain Ada her personality in three words?

A: Sassy little bitch.

Q: All right then! They say a dog looks like its parent; tell us your shared assets! 

A: We are both rocking the grumpy look. Both of us have the best resting bitch faces. 

Q: We can tell, the cover picture speaks a thousand words! A little more about you Aoife, you are a groomer; how do you combine work with having a fur baby? Does Ada come with you? 

A: Ada comes to work with me every day. She loves traveling to work in her teddy Maximus bag on the tubes. Ada gets all the attention at work from our lovely students and her dog pals- Theo the toy poodle, bill Murray the Dachshund, Vera the Bedlington terrier Joan Collins the French bulldog. 

Q: So nice that she gets to go with you every day! How did your life change when Ada got into the family? Can you describe a day-to-day in your  life?

A: My life hasn’t changed much! If anything Ada has made my life 10 times better being in it. I love being her PA/poo picker. 

Q: That's so cute, you make such a good duo. On a scale of 1-10 how dog-friendly is London?

A: 10-10!

Q: A 10! Wow, we never knew London is so dog friendly! We could not help but notice that Ada loves a good brunch, as do we. Do you have any nice recommendations to go to?

A: Sure, the best thing about London is how dog friendly it is. Anyone with a dog living in London will tell you that. Nowhere your dog isn’t allowed to be in London. From pubs- to shops- public transport. It really is the best city I think to own a dog. Ada's favourite restaurant is Maggie Jones in Kennington. Super dog friendly! I would recommend a trip to London with your favourite doggie pal.

Q: So nice! We can't wait to visit London. Not to forget, what is Ada her favourite place to go for a walk? 

A: Regents Canal walk is one of our favourites. 

Q: Ada is a little lady with a stunning beard, and you are a groomer yourself. Does here hair grow like this naturally? Or does it require lots of grooming? We are sure you’ve got some Furmey Facts up your sleeve! Would you be so kind to share some of your Griffon/dog wisdom here?

A: Ada said thank you for noticing how gorgeous her grooms are. I groom Ada to a breed standard. Ada has a rough coat- wire! Wire coats need stripping every 4-8 weeks to get the coat rolling. I hand strip Ada every week by carding her coat and keeping on top of it. I started hand stripping Ada at 10 weeks old. To get her used to the process. She sleeps on the grooming table now and loves it.

Q: She is very welcome, your work sure pays off! Help us a little, what is hand-stripping?

A: Hand-stripping is when you pull the dead coat out by hand or using your hands. It is a skill not everyone can do! So Ada is very lucky to have me keeping on top of her gorg coat. 

Q: So informative! You must get loads of grooming questions on the gram!

A: Yes, mostly grooming questions. Or about the breed! I’m always happy to help

Q: What is the most fun thing having Ada brought you? (Next to endless love and kisses obviously)

A: Just being herself every day. She is truly the best! 

Q: Yes she is. Last but not least, Ada looks so cute in our Furmey jumpers, what is your favourite Furmey colour?

A: Ada loves her Furmey family! She especially loves her green and lilac jumper. She is wearing the lilac in the interview photo! It’s one of the new collections. How gorgeous!

Q: And we love her! So happy you like our new collection. Thank you so much Ada and Aoife, catch up soon!

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