Furmey tips: Masco beauty Power eyes - Clean your dog's eyes at home

Furmey tips: Masco beauty Power eyes - Clean your dog's eyes at home

Hey there pet parents! Are you tired of seeing those pesky brown stains around your furry friend's eyes? We know how frustrating it can be, but fear not because Power Eyes is here to save the day.

Pet-advice time! If your furry friend has light-colored or white fur, they may be more predisposed to these pesky stains. But with Power Eyes, you can say goodbye to them for good.

Masco Beauty - Power eyes 

Power Eyes is a cleanser that is formulated with 98% natural ingredients like chamomile and cornflower extract. Not only does it work wonders on lightening those dark spots around your pet's eyes, but it also helps care for eye problems caused by excess moisture, decongests the area, and protects them from possible infections.

And let's talk about how easy it is to use! We recommend gently cleaning the eye area with water, applying the cleanser with gauze or cotton around the eye contour while avoiding contact with the inner eye, and ensuring that the area is thoroughly dried after application to minimize the risk of infections.

Let's round up the benefits one more time:

  1. Treatment for eye problems: Power Eyes acts as a treatment for eye problems caused by excess moisture, helping to address issues such as dark spots around the eyes and in the tear ducts.

  2. Lightens dark spots: The cleanser helps lighten dark spots around the eyes and on the skin in the lacrimal zone of the animal. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs and cats with light-colored or white fur that are prone to the appearance of stains in the lacrimal area.

  3. Natural ingredients: Power Eyes is formulated with 98% natural ingredients, such as chamomile and cornflower extract. These natural extracts provide anti-inflammatory, calming, and antiseptic properties.

  4. Easy spray application: The cleanser comes in a spray form, making it easy to apply to the eye area of your pet. This allows for convenient and effective use of the product.

  5. Eye care and protection: Power Eyes not only cleans the eye area but also cares for, calms, and decongests it. It helps protect the eyes from possible infections and ensures that the pH of the product is equalized with the pH of tears to minimize irritation.

  6. Safe and non-toxic: The product is made with 98% natural ingredients, is toxic-free, and does not involve animal testing. This ensures that it is safe for use on your pets.

Plus, it's great to know that Power Eyes is made in Spain, is toxic-free, and has not been tested on animals. So not only are you helping your pet, but you're also doing your part in protecting our furry friends around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to those dark spots and hello to a happier, healthier, and cleaner pet with Power Eyes.

Head on over to our TikTok account to discover guides on how to apply our prodcucts. Including our how-to-apply of the Masco beauty power eyes here.

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