Welcome at Furmey

Grewing up in the South of The Netherlands, pets were part of my childhood. Dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and my own horse, they were all part of the journey.
I moved to Amsterdam when I was 18 and as a student, pets where not desirable. Dreaming of my own dog and building a little pet legacy was definetley one of the driving forces to get my Bachelors in Business Administration.
Pets and animals have always inspired me, the way they make us feel loved and connected without saying a word is a form of underestimated magic.
With Furmey I aspire to create a world of unparalleled storytelling. Products loved by dogs and trusted by their parents. A world where we can enjoy endless experiences together and where we cherish this special form of companionship.
Welcome in our little pet legacy. The team and I are hoping you will love and use our items as much as we do!
Let's empower pets for the long run! Better footprints, made together.

Love, Scotty & Victoria

P.S. cool thing, the coat I am wearing in the photo is made by my grandmom, Scotty loves to sleep in it. It inspires me to create and to be bold in any single way. Hence our first ever classic cable knit is called the Bold jumper!