Ambitious Furmey Friends: Lepelclub's Jill

Ambitious Furmey Friends: Lepelclub's Jill

We are so happy to introduce you to a dear friend of ours, someone who will instantly put a smile on your face. A young female entrepreneur who is rapidly expanding her business that started with a simple product; spoons...
Read all about Jill's colourful company and her tiny furry friend in our conversation...

Q: Hi Jill! So nice to have you here, we know you of course. But would you be so kind to introduce yourself to our readers?
A: My name is Jill! I am 24 years old, and I live in Amsterdam. I grew up among animals near Amersfoort. Every day I could be found at my pony together with my dachshund. Until at a certain point I became very curious about the rest of the world. When I was fifteen, I decided to go to New York on my own for a summer to study English. After this, I wanted to experience more and more! After this, I studied in Amsterdam and Brisbane and now work full-time as a project manager in combination with my project Lepelclub. Oh, and I dream of living in Sydney someday!

Q: Hearing this gives us a boost of energy! So, you grew up with dogs?
A: Yes! I was always together with our dachshund Max. Everything was allowed at our house and animals were often brought home. From ducklings (nice until they grow up;) and lambs that had to be bottled every few hours. We had one rule at home: the dog was not allowed upstairs. I only managed to do this on my birthday.

Q: Sounds like a dream! The spoon club makes us very happy! Can you tell us what you do?
A: Thank you! A year ago, I couldn't find any nice coffee spoons myself. An acquaintance of mine is a director at a tableware brand, so I called him up to ask if he could help me. In addition to his busy job, he has freed up time to advise me on this. A few months later the Spoon Club was born, and thousands of spoons stood on my doorstep in Amsterdam.

Q: We love a hands-on type of girl! What do you like most about what you do?
A: The Spoon Club is the most fun I've ever worked on! What I find most special is meeting so many people with a passion. Like Victoria, my spirit animal! Creating a product that makes people happy and receives orders from all over the world makes me so happy!

Q: Yes, you are spirit animals! You are such a passionate person, what is your passion?
A: To stir things up! It all started with a spoon but turned out into a not-so-regular homeware collection. S(p)oon more! I have countless ideas and literally can't sleep over this. It all starts with an idea, after which it seems impossible at first. To eventually receive the first samples and to be able to release it is my greatest passion.

Q: That’s so nice, of course, we must ask you about Kees. He is so cute! Tell us about him?
A: Unfortunately, the dachshund I grew up with passed away at his old age. When I was studying in Brisbane, I secretly made an appointment with a breeder. My mom didn't know about this, but I knew that if she saw a Dachshund puppy, she would be all about it. And guess what? When I got home, the puppy was there.

Q: The best surprise of them all! How would you describe Kees in 3 words?
A: Naughty: it is a dragon, and he likes to destroy things. Like my favorite shoes... and he's always on an adventure. Like in my roommate's room in the middle of the night when her door is slightly ajar. Sweet: he prefers attention or cuddles all day long. Cheerful: never a grumpy day!

Q: Furmey Facts – Do you have a fact about Kees's breed?
A: Dachshunds do have character. They are very stubborn but that's what makes them so much fun! Never a dull moment with a dachshund.

Q: Furmey Tips – Do you have any tips for those looking for or already owning a Dachshund?
A: A dachshund friend brings so much fun! Especially follow a puppy course! Kees listened the least of his group, haha, but without a course it was impossible.

Q: They are so naughty haha! What is the best advice you have ever received, or do you have any good advice that other entrepreneurs can benefit from?
A: You have a no, and you can get a yes. By this I mean you have nothing to lose! There are so many people who want to help you with certain expertise, but you must ask. In addition, I once received the following advice that I sometimes remind myself of: You are going to run a marathon! It will not always be easy, but as long as you continue running you will enter the finish line.

Q: We live by this! You live in Amsterdam, what are the nice places to come with Kees? What is Kees's favourite place to go? (Parks etc.)
A: I live close to Vondelpark! For a long walk, this is the place to go. I like to drink coffee at Uncommon or Toki and when the weather is nice, it is very nice to sit outside with your dog.

Q: We’ll for sure check these out! Obviously, we can't end the interview without asking; what is your favourite Furmey colour?
A: Pink! I'm really a girl, girl haha and my (male) dog is sometimes the victim of this ;).

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