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Dear readers,

It is an honor to finally release FURMEY, A brand that is elevating dog-wear and care into a whole new level. On a mission to celebrate centuries of love between pets and humans. To connect, to educate and entertain both parties in a playful way.

Three years ago, I got myself a furry little friend. For me, the brown poodle I found in Spain was the ultimate gem. With Scotty on my side, I was ready to concur the world! Except for the fact that Scotty did not want to parade outside during cold days. I experienced dogs have evolved over the years and so have their conditions. From yard guard to inside friend of the whole family. Investigating breeds, I came to know clothing was not only a fashion thing for dogs, but due to new life standards and transporting breeds from different continents, several breeds needed it. Looking into the pet-wear business it was hard to find a brand that suited our values and wishes. The desire to create something myself for my furry little friend got triggered.

The quest continued and planted the desire of designing a brand myself. I was fascinated by the connection and divine love dogs bring into our lives, there had to be something to celebrate these special beings.

The challenge to find clothing that connected seamless to our daily lives had triggered me to fill the gap of creating pet supply that should be either very comfortable and as well fashionable. A product made with love and care to complement the daily events of our furry friends. This brand had to be made for the long run.

After 3 years of developing, investigating and educating, beginning ‘21 we finally had our first product, a knitted sweater, made on a machine (those who know the knit-business will probably know this was pretty much of a challenge). We did a test with 100+ dogs, went in conversation with physiotherapists and vets, as I aimed for the best for every single furry friend in our midst.

Today I am delighted to finally be able to announce our brand, because yes, this brand is made for all of us experiencing the same way of joy as I do with my little friend. Today we launch a new world which I hope we will all enjoy, for you; FURMEY.

In our “world” page, we will soon release more blogs to inform you with the latest regarding pets, their needs and their stories.

We cannot wait to start this parade!

Let’s have a walk together,

Scotty & Victoria 

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