PRINTEMPS X FURMEY - Cirque du Chien

PRINTEMPS X FURMEY - Cirque du Chien

This Winter, the Furmey team had the opportunity to open the first Furmey Cirque du Chien as part of our Furmey World Tour, in Printemps Haussmann Paris.

A 365 retail concept opened a new way of pet-concious shopping to customers and Christmas shoppers from all over the World. Dog owners and dog lovers where welcome to visit the number one shopping place in Paris with their four legged friends and shop their favorite dog jumpers and dog clothing whilst enjoying dog-cookies and getting captured in the dog-approved photo booth.
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Cirque du Chien has been brought to life, with the mission to unite people through pets from all kind of etnicities and social groups through shared love. The number one thing for the concept has been to show that common love for dogs, will ultimately result in stronger bonds, not only between pets and their people, but as well between the people visiting at the samen time and after on socials.
toypoodle, Printemps, chien mignon
The project was fully focussed on dogs, whilst backing the brand's vision and Printemps vision: to create an everlasting memory and experience with our most precious companions whilst encouraging the gift of giving during Christmas. The concept proved that dogs are an underestimated gem in retail, when it comes to customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty. 
The pop-up was held on a 25sqmr area at the front door. Located between brands as Dior and Fendi, this meeting place gave a flawless, yet luxurious experience to the dog-communities around town and from out of town.

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